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Modifcation + itis = modificationitis:
Modificationitis is a disease mostly found in car tuners. The virus can have severe trauma on the infected person financial situation. People who dump hundreds and thousands of dollars into there car to set them apart from other are classified with this disease.

Cashier: You just brought an intake and exhaust yesterday.
Buyer: Yeah I know but I need more power. How about that turbo kit
Cahier:Okay that will be 3000.00
Buyer:Okay I'll take it.
Buyer: Also I need some 19 inch Axxis wheels
Cashier: Okay that will be 2000.00
Buyer: Heres my bank card
Cashier: Credit or Debit
Buyer: Debit
Cashier: You dont have enough
Buyer: Credit then
Cashier: You've got the mod bug bad. You've got modificationitis
by Erik aka Red October 24, 2007
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