Partners in crime meaning friends forever or my crew. A crew full of boys and girls that do insane things such as jumping off a bridge, chasing the ice cream truck, hunting squirrels, or playing with bb guns.
Bitch, you jumped off a bridge without your partners in crime?!?
by 🔻DREAMER🔻 December 20, 2014
A companion or friend that partakes in slightly illegal activities. Such activities shall not be named for legal reasons. Once you become partners in crime you are bonded for life.
Person 1: Did you hear
Person2: what?
Person 1: Rayne is my new partner in crime.
by Lucinda is Lit January 23, 2021
A partner in crime is someone you trust more than anyone else in the world. This person may be an extremely good friend, a family member, or a romantic partner. This is someone who you would probably have many things in common with you and have the same intentions as you. Litteraly, it would be someone who you commit crimes with, but the term does not have to be used in such ways. This is someone who you trust and who trusts you, to an extremely far point. This person would die for you, and you would die for them.
by zpixiewingz February 18, 2022