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Parsnoxinol is a drug that will be invented in 2017. It has the ability to cure cancer, HIV and hangnails. It quickly becomes approved by the FDA and becomes so popular that it replaces the Euro as the worldโ€™s currency. BUT.. several years after its public adoption and widespread use, dangerous side effects become known. Users of the drug lose control of their bladders permanently and also develop tattoos of ducks and unicorns on their backs. Also, whenever Saved By the Bell reruns air on TBS, Parsnoxinol users go into a trance-like state and kill dictionary salesmen. The drug is soon outlawed despite its demand by the public.
Holy shit batman, I have super aids, HIV, and ass cancer, I should really go to mexico to get some Parsnoxinol.
by Holladaddyisnotfiction May 03, 2009
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