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The act of following strangers in a crowded parking lot in hopes to get their parking spot.
The mall parking lot was crazy Christmas Eve, I drove around an hour and couldn't get a spot so I went Parking Lot Stalker and followed this old couple all the way from the door about five feet behind them and took their spot. It was contagious, on my way in I saw three other cars doing it.
by Big Pappa Smurfz March 01, 2009
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Someone who cruises continuously around a parking lot till a space close to the front door becomes available.
You've been circling for 20 minutes. Just park the car so we can go in. You're turning into a Parking Lot Stalker for christsakes
by Joey Shabadoo September 22, 2006
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A minor who roams around parking lots looking for someone to buy them alcohol.
Hey, I made some easy money off some parking lot stalkers last night. Sold 'em beer for double the price!
by evilniner October 31, 2009
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