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Parisse is a person that is a girl. she shoots lazer beams out of her nipples only when she wants to. aswell as from her eyes. she has full controll over every strand of hair on her head, and has been known to kill large animals within seconds by constricting them.
games do not pose any challenges for the Parisse as she mearly does what she fucking well pleases.

Parisse is a rare breed of human, friendly and loved by many, however she has an aura that slowly makes you love or hate her drasticly either way.

making money has been hard for the Parisse but hard work and determination usually pays off at the end of the day.

the Parisse usually does not have much luck if any luck at all. if you needed to stand on the ground when you got out of bed 9/10 she would miss the floor and fly up into the sky. much like dwarfs when they leave the dwarf kingdoms.

her teeth are so sharp that when talking she sometimes cuts herself. luckily she possess huge amounts of regeneration power and you don't generally notice anything different about her.

be warned when staying around the Parisse during that time of the month, she explodes with rage and angry wild and strong enough to kill a mere man just by being within range.
Holy shit its a Parisse! i hope its safe to approach her.

guy1: wow shes amazing, the air around her is sparkling and shit.
guy 2: wtf mate i see blood and hate her guts.
guy1: fuck you man that girl looks amazing i want her to impregnate me.
guy2: gesus ima kill you.
by RIPP August 18, 2013
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