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An amazing guy who is always there for you. Is a person who is kind and loving and always wishing you the best. He always makes sure that you are happy.
Many girls wish that more guys were a Parimal.
by Your Kshatrani January 13, 2005
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Refers to indian guys with no game, usually using lines like "Wanna make friendship" to score potential dates with indian women (mostly). They also use this line with white women out of nervousness. Generally a seedy, low scumbag of indian origin who no one wants to have anything to do with, but pathetic enough so that people don't tell him to bugger off.
That fake parimals wont leave me alone man.

What a Parimal! He won't stop asking for friendship.

Look at that loser Parimal dude. He blew up 200K of his dads money on the stock market while trying to get a date.
by parimal March 30, 2009
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Excessive user of the suffix "zilla" and constant tell of bad jokes eg."you can't go wrong making a right turn".
One who is Parimal is the only one who things that they are funny.
You are such a Parimal (meaning your not funny)
by John Smith August 16, 2004
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