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The fourth party member in the game for the N64, Paper Mario.

Parakarry is a parakoopa who works at the Mushroom Kingdom Postal Service. He's reportedly addle-brained by his boss, and just so happens to misplace many of his letters, dropping them all over the world.

After you find three of his lost letters in Mt. Rugged, he joins you in hopes of finding the rest.

His special ability is carrying Mario across gaps too far to jump across.

His battle moves:
Sky Dive: Flies and kicks an opponent.
Shell Shot: Retreats into shell and cannons into an opponent. 3FP.
Air Lift: If you press the A button enough times, Parakarry will lift the enemy away from the battle. 3FP.
Air Raid: Parakarry retreats into shell and ricohets of the walls of the room, injuring every opponent. 6FP.
"I'm Parakarry. I deliver letters."
"Parakarry joined your party!"
by toastypk August 07, 2004
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