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The Par Factor is the active agent for the Law of Par, which is a derivative of Murphy's Law (anything that can go wrong, will). The Law of Par states that fate is out to screw you and you will get screwed in the end, not matter what.

As the active agent of the Law of Par, the Par Factor is what actually does the screwing.
Bob: "If you put your chips on red and I put my chips on black, there's a 97.3% chance that one of us will win!!"

Bill: "You're forgetting the Par Factor, there's no chance either of us will win, ever."

*wheel hits green*

Bob and Bill: "Par"


When the weather has been beautiful every day you've been stuck inside at work, then the weekend comes and it immediately turns rainy and cold. That's the Par Factor showing you who runs the show.


When your car breaks down at the furtherest point from home during your trip... AND you just realize you forgot your cell phone at home... AND the battery in your passenger's phone just died... AND a meteor comes blasting out of the sky and turns your car into a crater... that's par.
by RacerStylez March 18, 2010
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