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The monarch of congratulatory rebukes. A total Touché, a proper SnAp, an ultimate BaNg (or in vietnamese a Ba(Ng))!

Used to acknowledge a hit of the highest calibre.

When you have been PapAmed, you mentally stagger backwards, you are spiritually winded, like a punch to the kidney then to the side of the head, like you have been ravaged by a shirker bandit.

It is obtainstuck!
Meer: Hungry Hugh if you were an animal you would be a stoned panda.
Hungry: Yeah well would look like a hideous nude mole rat!
Meer: PapAm!

Sharma: L-squared you’re awesome. No you’re not you’re a f#ckin tool.
L-squared: Ouch - total PapAm!

Hutnut: Wicky stand up! I can't see you behind Sven.
Wicky: Dude, not only am standing up but I'm ontop of two milk crates.
Hutnut: I know, PapAm!
by The Merz June 07, 2010
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