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1. pants - pull⋅er  pants-pull-ur
–noun. Plural: Pants-Pullers

An ignorant person, often brainwashed or misinformed by Right-Wing media channels, talk show hosts, edited video clips or extremist organizations, who attempts to cause delay, disruption or embarrassment to another person or political party, regardless of facts and/or common sense.

2. pants - pull⋅er  pants-pull-ur
A person who is so happy with the Status Quo that they have a genuine, real and dangerous fear of change and progress. As they see those around them effecting change, they reach out and pull their pants down in an attempt to delay, disrupt or injure them, in an attempt to prevent change and progress, and in an effort to maintain what they believe in their mind to be the status quo.

3. pants - pull⋅er  pants-pull-ur
One who is so jealous of the success of others that (s)he attempts to sabotage another person's success.
"In an effort to gain 15-minutes of fame on national television, to get on the radar of voters in his home state and to publicly embarrass the President, Pants-Puller Joe Wilson shouted, 'You lie!' at the President during the President's address on healthcare reform."

"The Republican Party paid ten Pants-Pullers to show up to the Presidential Town Hall Meeting, where they proceeded to shout loud remarks in an effort to disrupt the meeting and to prevent rational discussion from taking place."

"John is a real Pants-Puller. He couldn't stand to see Peter win another award, so he told people the award ceremony was Saturday, when in reality it was Friday."
by CobaltBlue September 17, 2009
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