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Panther Creek is a high school located in Cary, North Carolina. The mascot is a catamount which I truly don't understand considering we are PANTHER Creek. It is mainly inhabited by spoiled rich Cary kids, jocks, gays, Preps, stoners, and Emos. You will also see your occasional Apex kid (like me) who was district to a school 2 miles away than to the one 2 minutes away. Doesn't make seance does it? Anyways, with it being district for mostly Cary, you can expect to see little to no black or Mexicans, and the ones you will see are bound to be hanging out in a locker bay at lunch, eating chips from the vending machines, and making out with their big booty girl friends. Lunch at Panther Creek is sectioned. You will have your preppy douchebags in the front court yard, Emos and stoners in the back court yard, and a mix of everything from blend-ins, band geeks, twilight fans, and so on inside the cafeteria. Fights mainly happen inside where EVERYONE can see and are usually broken up fast by the schools security guard, Officer Glasscock. And ummm yea thats pretty much it. OH! And the pizza kicks ass!
Freshmen can expect to be looked down upon at Panther Creek,
by Max Ipad August 17, 2011
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