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Any of several brands of thin, extra-smooth, tight-fitting & dark-coloured (usu black, brown or purple) rubber penile sheaths bearing the logo of a panther or large black cat. Typically manufactured in 2 variants:
1. Dalit Panther Condoms - Large (L, XL) versions for Negroid-Australoid men &
2. Punjabi Panther Condoms - Small (S, XS) versions for Caucasoid-Mongoloid men.

With the foundation of the American Black Panther Party on 15 Oct 1966, the Australian Black Panther Party on 18 Jan 1972, & the Dalit Panther Party on 9 July 1972, the panther came to be a global emblem of Black Power among Blacks. Hence, Panther Condoms quickly became the dominant brand in the Circum-Caribbean, Greater Nigeria, & South India (rising to no 2 in Lanka, after Preethi Condoms).

Meanwhile, on account of popular Indo-Aryan, Tibeto-Burman & Japanese beliefs that regular usage of condoms worn by Afro-Dalit & Afro-Caribbean men increases penis size & enhances erectile stamina, great demand for Panther Condoms naturally arose in S & E Asia. However, for obvious anatomical reasons, the prophylactics for Caucasoid-Mongoloid men had to be produced in smaller sizes than the originals. Thus arose the above distinction between the new 'Punjabi Panther Condoms' & the original 'Dalit Panther Condoms'. These 'mini' Panthers then became v popular across Indo-Aryan S Asia (growing to no 2 in E Bengal & Nepal), the Tibeto-Burman Highlands & the Japanese Archipelago.
A) A writer in the Himalayas describes a general day:
"A female dance cabin employee purchases a Panther condom at a non-traditional outlet outside her place of employment. A man walks into a pharmacy & purchases 3 Black Cobra condoms late in the evening. A young couple buys a box of Dhaal condoms at the general store ..." - 'N-MARC's GIS Mapping Enhances Condom Distribution' fhi360 (Oct 2007)

B) "With regard to the premium Panther condoms, the target 'B class' customer is seen as earning a steady income of rs 3500-4000 per month ..." 'Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs & Practices: The Social Shadow of AIDS & STD Prevention in Nepal' S L Pigg & L P, in: 'Sexual Sites, Seminal Attitudes' ed. S Srivastava. N Delhi: Sage Pub, 2004, p 292.

C) "In Chitwan & Kaski districts the brands of condoms found in pharmacies & shops were Black Cobra, Black King Kong, Black Python, Bull, Cobra, Dhal, Durex Performa, Durex Superthin, Fire ecstacy, Game, Inspiral, Jodi, Kamasutra, Kohinoor, Max herbal, Max strawberry, Maya, Nightlight, Okamato, Okamato crown, Okamato DotHot, Okamato French Kiss, Panther, Safe, Skinless Skin, Stad, Touch Convenience Patent, Trishna & Vibrating condoms." ('Evaluation of USAID/Nepal's Key Social Marketing & Franchising Project' Dr Y B Karki, K Adhikary & Dr A D Pande, USAID: Kathmandu, 15 Mar 2010, p 16 ftn 17.
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