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Slap the Panther is a Brazilian slang for the act of smoking weed,pot,grass,marijuana and etc...
According to Maria Alice Vergueiro she explains why is called Slap the Panther "It's called Slap the Panther because everthing is quite the panther is quite and all of the sudden paww!Slap on the panther and then the panther really start to realize things that what we call "real world" don't knowdest" after that she mumbele's some words out that are not possible to understand due to how baked Maria is.
Man i Slapped the Panther so hard last night!!
Damn man my mom caught me Slapping the Panther yesterday.
Yo do you want to come Slap the Panther with us after school?
by Sister marano May 11, 2009
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