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A "gangster" way of saying Pepto Bismol. A term created by the famouse street rappers Bloodbath and Roadrash of Bradenton, Florida
"sippin on that pank drank, I chug it when my booty stank"
by Mokonax October 18, 2007
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A mixed drink with the opposite effects of Purple Drink. A Speedball (cocaine and heroin mixed) in liquid form, basically. Start with 3 oz. of gin in a glass, and add 2 oz. of X-Rated liqueur, which is practically a pink version of Hyptoniq. Stir in a scoop of Met-Rx's pre-work out formula called Amped, which is caffiene x5-powered, and full of creatine.. Shake up with 4 oz. of water and 3 oz. of Minute Maid's Cherry Limeade. It's quite a big drink. And pink.
Pank Drank line- "I'm in the spot with the Pankest Drank ever concocted, usually im not that cocky, but tonite I feel like boxin' Rocky."
by MrDrankit June 26, 2012
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