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A modified Ford Pinto automobile, manufactured from 1973 to 1974. It had a fiberglass slant front hood and fender treatment with 'manual push-bar' pop-up headlights, a powerful 4 cyl. turbocharged engine and good-quality performance suspension modifications. It was manufactured and sold in Arcadia California by Huntington Ford, a popular Ford dealership. Huntington Ford management saw it as a way to increase foot traffic into their showroom and to stimulate sales in an era of slow smog-equipment laden machines. It is said fewer than 200 were manufactured and only 5 are known to still exist. Pangra fiberglass hoods and fender kits were sold by the hundreds all over the US to normal Ford Pinto owners. But, there are very few original Factory Pangra machines left.
That rich bugger drove a sweet Ford Pangra back in the day!
by Robert Webb May 20, 2008
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A modified Ford Pinto manufactured by Huntington Beach Ford.
The Pangra had a nose similar to an early Pantera. It also had a turbo-charged motor, a manual transmission, and a custom suspension. They were also sold in kit form.
by Gus Hill October 13, 2006
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