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Panchoism was originally developed by 5 Western prophets who travelled to Venezuela and founded the religion based upon their ultimate leader and spiritual guide,the great harvester himself,Don Pancho. Originally a simple farmer from the foothills of the Andes, Don Pancho discovered that enlightenment centred around the trinity of oats, milk and sugar - and only by grasping these key concepts can man discover his destiny. Panchoism is still in its infancy - a closely guarded secret amoungst a small sect in Peterborough.
Jim : Hey Richard, you wanna go grap some pancakes for breakfast?
Richard : Sorry Jim, breakfast is a holy time for me, I must consume my porridge, giving thanks to the Don for his work.
Jim : Oh sorry mate, I forgot. Afterwards do want to go and lock Pedro's dog in the gym?
Richard : Sure, Panchoism says nothing against animal abuse. See you at 10?
Jim : Great!
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