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Somebody who is of Panamanian, Caucasian, and Asian descent. Takes carrots, grapes, and apricots to hip hop concerts. Is quite flexible.
No one can figure out what she is. Is she white? Is she Latina? Is she Asian? Naw. She's Pancasian.
by LaSania McLopez July 06, 2009
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Adj. - The descriptive way to describe the combination of the words pancake and asian, or an asian pancake.
Originally formed when the two words were next to eachother in several conversations/occasions.

N. - Pancasian, is also just another cool word of the combination of asian and pancakes- and who doesn't love that?!
1st Scenario
Person 1: "Oh em gee, I had a really good meal this morning!"
Person 2: "Yeah- what?"
Person 1: "A pancasian breakfast!"
2nd Scenario
Person 1: "My mum just cooked me some asian pancake."
Person 2: "Ooo- some pancasians?!"
Person 1: "Yeah."
by o.0.o April 08, 2009
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