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Pancake syrup is whenever three female midgets (all of which are infected with the blue waffle, red pancake, and purple crepe diseases) and two average sized males (whome are infected with special fried rice disease) all have an orgy and then combine all excreations in a bottle the excreations then mich together to form a thick syrupy liquid and then pour it over one another and then lick the syrupy concoction of diseased excreations .
Dude those nasty mofos just made pancake syrup
by Teh Grim Reaper Of Mass Media October 06, 2011
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The grossest crap that your local supermarket will sell you telling you that its more than food coloring, and Steve's marinade lemonade
Kevin:Man have you tried that Pancake Syrup?
Steve: Yeah its only food coloring in my happiness
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by Renestesy May 01, 2017
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