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A very rich area in Los Angeles County with a bunch of million dollar houses and stuck up kids who have parents that are rich as hell. It contains one high school (Palos Verdes High) one middle school (PVIS) and two elementary schools. Palos Verdes High School is the school with the best athletes on the hill. Even though it is a good school, it has some girls that think they are models or movie stars or shit like that. PVHS has nerds, troublemakers, jocks, and much more. Even though this school has a reputation for really good athletes, that is the truth. Teenagers in this town who really want entertainment and don't own a car of their own are out of luck, because the Palos Verdes Estates residents will complain any loud music or shit. But the teenagers who do own a car of their own usually drive to Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, or Redondo Beach to have the fun and excitement. Palos Verdes Estates is not the place to party at all.
Kid 1: Lets have a party at my house
Kid 2: Dude, the neighbor next door will complain her ass off or call the police if she hears any loud music.
Kid 1: All right then, let's just invite some of our buddies to meet us in Hermosa Beach. We can chill in that area where there is more fun and excitement. Lets get out of Palos Verdes Estates fora while.
by AdomC January 10, 2015
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