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A luxury golf resort and spa located near Bluffton, South Carolina. Comparable to Hilton Head and Sea Island, but quite a bit more exclusive and private. As low-key as it is high-end, it has an overwhelming old money feel to it. A surprising amount of people live in Palmetto Bluff, with house prices ranging from 625k-25 million.

It is a hotbed for southern elites, and recently has become more well known to Northeastern elites looking for alternatives to overpopulated vacation destinations in New England.

Also considered one of the preppiest and wealthiest places in America.
Guy 1- "I want to go where luxury meets southern hospitality."

Guy 2- "Palmetto Bluff is the way to go dude, and wait until you see some of the Southern Belle's over there."
by Razorbacks11 September 05, 2011
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