Stores fail at staying open for more than one year, loud, dangerous past midnight, old people in the morning, annoying solicitors trying to sell crap, mall security thinks they're the Clarkstown Police.

and many childhood memories for anybody who grows up in Rockland.
Example should include the word "Palisades Mall"
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A large Mall in west Nyack rockland. Nickname as the "New Mall", in comparison to the "Old Mall" located in Nanuet. Four floors, constanly shaking, because it's too big for it's own good, and built in a literal dump.
"Let's go the Old Mall, I'm sick of the New Mall."

"There's only one Starbucks in the Palisades Mall?"
by Arex-kun December 25, 2004
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Officially known as the Palisades Center, the Palisades Mall is the greatest thing that ever existed in the eyes of New Jersey residents. Located in West Nyack, New York, and opened in 1998, the mall consists of four floors and an underground parking garage. They've got Macy's, Lord & Taylor, and Target. The food court offers Popeyes Chicken (which is basically drugs for Generation Z) and ChinaMax and Burger King and Wendy's (DON'T ORDER FROM THEM) and holy shit a Chick-fil-A (another Generation Z class drug) is coming. There's also a Dave & Buster's where you can legally gamble, drink, cheat, and steal tickets in order to win an overpriced Wii U.
Formerly home to Jeepers!, a Suck E Cheese's that had some amusement park rides, arcade games like DDR, and prizes including a Hamtaro plush. Yes, they had them.
The mall originally looked like a warehouse but then they tried to rival Garden State Plaza so RIP.
Fuck yeah Palisades Mall! Let's eat Popeyes and then go to Dave & Busters!
by Mamitomoe March 25, 2017
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