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1. A version of paranoia associated with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who recently announced that health care reform will create "death lists" of people to be killed by the government.

2. Anyone who embraces the delusional, hate-filled ravings of Sarah Palin.

cf. Birther, John Birch Society, conspiracy cults
Marvin has become a true Palinoid. He thinks Obama is an Indonesian terrorist trying to poison us through telekinetic Swine flu contagion. I think he's been listening to Sarah Palin too much on Fox News.
by Peter Kobs August 08, 2009
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1. a person who listens to Sarah Palin and is a dittohead to her, that is: one who believes all the crazy shit she pops off the chops about, believes it and acts like a chicken with its head off. In this definition "Palinoid" is a combination of "Palin" + "droid".

2. Paranoia and panic that ensues when Palinistas hear her loony conspiracy theories theories. They believe ALL the dumb crap she says because she can just sit on a stool, cross her legs and put on that moronic empty fuck-me-honey smile and her devotees (mostly male Alex P. Keaton types who gawk at her with their tongues hanging out - 'cause they want to put them on her poontang!). In this definition "Palinoid" is a combination of "Palin" + "paranoid".
1. Sarah Palin is a big time attention whore. She's always yapping crap about stuff she knows nothing about. She can say ANY outrageous idea or even just snap her fingers and the Palinoids get all wired up about an issue that ain't even happening. Look at the "death panels" hysteria she caused in order to oppose Obama's health care reform.

2. "Daveman" made a limp joke about not letting Bristol Palin getting around A-rod when she and her mom came to the Big Apple. The joke wasn't that good but Letterman pokes fun at everyone, OK? Sarah Palin, who isn't mature enough to handle late-night humor, had to put up a hissy fit and claim Letterman was glorifying rape and that he owed the entire female gender an apology! Her Palinoid sheep joined in the chorus obediently like well, sheep. Somebody shut her up, she makes women look bad!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice January 25, 2011
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