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An individual who appeals to the lowest common denominator. A rabble rouser who does not possess any significant intellectual abilities. Term was coined by Fox Sports reporter Jason Whitlock
Palinites are complaining about Common appearing at the White House.

All the Palinites are boycotting Family Guy
by KingOfTheStreets May 13, 2011
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Someone who defends the actions and/or ridiculous comments from Alaskan female candidates no matter if they catch on fire from spontaneous combustion as "A breath of fresh air".
Husband: People use phrases like "You Betcha'", "Say it ain't so, Joe" and "Doggone it" in the political world?!

Wife: Who cares if she doesn't know what she is talking about! She's just speaking to the average Joe Six Pack, she's a breath of fresh air!

Husband: Don't be such a Palinite!
by MrJinglesx79 October 08, 2008
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A member of the so-called Tea Party, a group of radical social conservatives masquerading as deficit hawks.

Established as the right-wing's answer to Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin, the Republican Party's ineffectual Vice Presidential nominee in 2008, losing the general election to a moderate Illinois Senator who was charged by the conservative media as a socialist Marxist dictator.
The Palinite's complaints about President Obama's policies, which led to the resurgence of the American economy, clearly show an underlying hatred for him on a non-political level.
by George Oscar Bluth (AKA Gob) February 19, 2012
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