Spanish for "wanker" or "tosser". A man who is known for being a chronic masturbator...and usually proud of it! A dude that masturbates on the Internet for the whole world to see.
Steve: Hey Mike, did you know Tony is a Pajillero?
Mike: No! Seriously?
Steve: Yeah I caught him Masturbating on Chaturbate yesterday - Totally Exposed!
Mike: Wow
Steve: yeah he really goes to town on himself... A Real pajillero.
Mike: What's his name there?
Steve: El_Pajillero, of course
Mike: Lol He's a Pendejo Pajillero
Steve: LOL
Steve : Wow look El Pajillero is at it again right now
Mike: What a Loser! OMG, Look at him go!
by Antonio El Pajero January 3, 2019