6 definitions by Antonio El Pajero

Spanish for "wanker" or "tosser". A man who is known for being a chronic masturbator...and usually proud of it! A Proud Masturbator. Same as Pajillero .
Soy Un Pajero Masivo!
I’m a Massive Wanker!

Tony’s es un Pendejo Pajero
Tony’s a Stupid Masturbator
by Antonio El Pajero January 3, 2019
A Peniser is a chronic and dedicated Masturbator. Most Penisers penis their penis for hours at a time and are very proud of being Masturbators.
Steve: I know Tony is a Peniser.
Rick: How do you know?
Steve: I saw him penising himself all day on Chaturbate yesterday.
Rick: Wow, I would have never guessed, he seems like such a nice guy

Mark: I always knew that guy was a Wanker!
by Antonio El Pajero March 15, 2019
BrOface, The face a Bro makes just before he ejaculates or while he’s gooning out. His mouth is in the OHHH formation, eyes rolling back in his head and fist flying furiously as he masturbates his Penis.
Joe: I love watching Tony’s BrOFace when he’s gooning out.

Mark: When did you watch Tony Goon out?

Joe: a couple of days ago, he was going to town on himself on Chaturbate. You gotta check him out... El_Pajero_

Mark: I will! I wanna see his BrOFace! I bet he looks pretty Stoopid!
by Antonio El Pajero April 8, 2019
Spanish for "wanker" or "tosser". A man who is known for being a chronic masturbator...and usually proud of it! A dude that masturbates on the Internet for the whole world to see.
Steve: Hey Mike, did you know Tony is a Pajillero?
Mike: No! Seriously?
Steve: Yeah I caught him Masturbating on Chaturbate yesterday - Totally Exposed!
Mike: Wow
Steve: yeah he really goes to town on himself... A Real pajillero.
Mike: What's his name there?
Steve: El_Pajillero, of course
Mike: Lol He's a Pendejo Pajillero
Steve: LOL
Steve : Wow look El Pajillero is at it again right now
Mike: What a Loser! OMG, Look at him go!
by Antonio El Pajero January 3, 2019
A LoserBator is a guy who has no friends, no job, no hobbies and lives in his parents basement and does nothing but Masturbate his Loser weiner from the time he wakes up till he goes back to sleep. Also known as a Chronic Compulsive Masturbator.
Joe: Hey Tony, How long you been a LoserBator?

Tony: Oh, since I got fired 10 years ago.

Joe: How much time do you spend jacking off?

Tony: Ummm, around 10 hours a day.

Joe: WTF! Wow Tony You Are a LOSER! Good Job Bro!
by Antonio El Pajero July 31, 2020
GoonTard - a Portmanteau of Gooner and Retarded. Used to refer to a Chronic Compulsive Masturbator who jerks off for hours and hours and hours every day. He eventually becomes a stupid gooner and looks like he's retarded because his brain has shut down all but core functions. Most guys consider them Idiots and Morons because they have no goals or ambition other than to masturbate all day long, usually on the internet where anyone can see them.
Tim: Hey Ryan, I heard your older brother is a GoonTard

Ryan: Yeah, he's a Total GoonTard.

Tim: Does he really do nothing but masturbate all day?

Ryan: Yeah, mom and dad have given up on him. He hasn't left his sroom in 3 months, so they just slide a plate of food in there once a day.

Tim: Sorry bro.

Ryan: Yeah Me too. I'm afraid I'm gonna become a GoonTard too.
by Antonio El Pajero August 1, 2020