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Pailin: adj., Incompetent, stridently ignorant, using "whiteness" ,esp. "white female-ness" to advance one's career or ambitions without merit or substance; using one's celebrated provincialism, ignorance and common-ness to advance in politics or government; reveling jingoistically in one's incompetence, lack of exposure or preparation, esp. in matters academic or intellectual. v. to depise and shun excellence, to do so atavistically as a habit of mind, a habit of mediocrity; to embrace lack of readiness as an uncontested and unwavering pattern of life. Synonym: bogus, perilous, the embodiment of cynical and racist moves. noun, a charlatan, counterfeit. Antonym: competent, intellectual, urbane. See Barack Obama, also Michelle Obama.
adj., Dan Quayle was a successful pailin candidate of the 1980s.

noun, George W. is quite the pailin.

v., Margaret Thatcher was despicable, but she did not pailin in her own pursuits or in the establishment of her ruling government.
by Keep N it Real October 04, 2008
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