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Paiden, is a beautiful brilliant athletic woman. There are so many sides to a Paiden. They'll act shy at first but when you finally get her going she can be crazy, funny, and loud. Her smile can brighten your day. She will make her mind up get to change it. She is very stubborn. You can never win an argument. She's just an incredible person to be around.

If you get a Paiden never let her go, you won't find another one like her twice.
Woah, is that the girl you were telling me about.
Yes, that's Paiden.

She's amazing!
by Joey32 July 14, 2015
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Unlike any girl you've ever met before. Truly one of a kind. Has the greatest smile that will make your heart melt. Not only is she the type of girlfriend who is always there for you and knows exactly what to say, she's a great friend as well. Paiden's shyness can sometimes throw you off and convince you she's quiet, but she has lots of great things to say once she gets talking. So mellow and calming she is the person you run to. Beautiful inside and out!
"Have you had the chance to meet Paiden?"

"No, but I hear she's the sweetest thing!"

"Not to mention the hottest too"
by afghankush December 22, 2011
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Paiden is a goat and is better than anyone else at basket ball. he is usually great in bed and has a big personality but a even bigger cock.
kylee:" i did this dude last night and it was SOOO big!"
me:"hmm, did you like, feel it in your head?"
kylee:"oh yeah..."*bites lip and starts rubbing pussy area on her pants
me:"huh, sounds like a paiden"
kylee:"um yea.. for sure"
by is it just me or r u really ga November 14, 2018
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