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(Pah-gah-lacks) 'Pagalacks' or 'Pagalax' is the male genitalia often referred to in a derogatory context. Pagalacks first found its home in London, England where word got out it was the new 'penis'. Some say the term was coined by a wise man tired of the redundancy of penis synonyms. This literary fad has been catching on and making waves over the world wide web and will soon redefine the penis moniker everywhere.
It may also be used to describe ineptitude and oafishness. A moronic individual may be judged a 'Pagalax'. It may also be the predicate in a noun-epithet.
1. "That man skinning pagalax dry so. "
2. "Something smelling like pagalax."
3. "What the mudder pagalax going on here?"
4. "He is a dumbassed-pagalax."
by Anonymousguyfromsomewhere September 22, 2006
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