Queer, faggot. Englishized from the Bosnian "Padeur", which means the same thing.

Plural: Paders
Justin: You are such a pader, Spencer.
Spencer: No, I'm not a pader, Tom Cruise is the pader!
Steve: You're all paders!
by QuietSteve April 20, 2009
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(Verb) To be given a written motion to present at a formal meeting that is read verbatim in order to forward a political agenda. However, that motion is self-incriminating or career ruining and was meant to forward a secret objective rather than to make you look like a hero.
Sarab gave me a resolution that would have limited tuition fee increases to predictable rates. But I got padered because when I presented it, everybody accused me of siding with the administration. I think I'll join the military now that my political career is over.
by politicionPader September 18, 2011
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