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In 1951, After the second world war, a few small groups of trotskyist movement who feel defeated due to their numerical weakness, social isolation, inexperience and the massive forces of capitalism and stalinism felt that they could influence the world in a small way by joining the stalinist faction of politics and trying to influence them from within their faction towards the left instead of fighting them by forming a seperate party.
ICL: Stalinism is just as bad as capitalism
Pabloism: Capitalism is worse then stalinism.
ICL: You are a revisionist !
Pabloism: Pfft! Atleast I will live.
by Engels December 04, 2015
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The holiest of religions. Requires the worshipping of bunnies. THE BEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD. Every Thursday you MUST give a box of pizza to the saints of Pabloism, Joanna and Rasha....and Sadie. PABLOISM FOR THE WIN.
Loser: Heyyy
Pabloist: What's your religion?
Pabloist: Pabloism
Loser: *Bow Down* YOU ARE AMAZING.
Pabloist: .....I know
by THE ALMIGHTY PABLO October 25, 2011
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