When having sex, you pull out and cum in a neat line ready for her to snort and ingest your steaming hot jizz in a Pablo Escobar fashion.
"Quick, clear your passage, time for Happy Pablo!!"
by pseudonymphomania March 11, 2015
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Pablo is a way of live, a religion that improve the singolar life in a red style, good appearance and way to look good always and anyways
Always comport naked sleeping with friends in sandwitch modality
It comport a rigid safe way to live: no drugs, no alcool, and absolutely no imprecations or any kind of bestemming
Pablo's religion follow the Bibble but have a little variant
In Pablo's hell, were damned people have eternal punishment, there is a cigarette break
At the bottom of the hell there is Pablo's Mansion, were in his great an unlimited superior goodness, granted to his life enemy, the Devil him self to came his butler
He clean, wash, cook, stretch and some times massage
Pablo's religion need Three hard proofs to prove be worthy:
One) have a partyEnza and do a lot of censurated black top secrets video
Two) go to enemys base like friars monastery with a funny tickets that report something funny and friendly like 'stronzi frati porcoddio', but don't sing victory because it need to be signed
Three) have a challenge woth the Pablo homself in bestemming round and get his approval
If Pablo approve you to get in, came the cerimonial iniziation, when you have to run into the valley of rusty nails, completely bare, at your descretion
He mastered the glorious art of mistery method with the help of his hammmering master 'Il Bale', decimating the number of available women

Actually some one says Pablo is only waiting is time cause is too good to abdicate Chuck Norris
Pablo, dai vieni qui, è tempo di un sandwitch! El Pablooo!!
Pablo come here, we have have to tell you something really important in totally serious contest! El Pablooo!!!

El Pablo es mas caliente del Diablo!
Pablo is more hot than the Devil!

Stronzi frati, porcoddio!!
Look at my ticket, so much funny!!

Ma sti cazzo di video partyEnza?
Quando avrai 18 anni!!
When can I look the particular videos for adults only accompanied feom pther adults mor adults?
Only when you came a big boy!!

Raga ma per il Pablo cosa ordiniamo che è appena andato al cesso a girare una uana di ganjolò prejolò??
Ma diogat, pigliali un quel di farina con pizzetta!!
Hey guys what may we take for Pablo cause he run at toilet for a real emergency??
Oh my god, I think he want 'sveziano' food!!
by Aso4life April 29, 2017
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A fucking god-like Mexican hotty. Probably moved to Maine from Virginia. LAMEASS. Dates random thiccc girls cuz he kinda basic. He makes the dirtiest comments. Loves his friends mom. A Fortnite legend. He spits bars ngl.
by Don’t ask no tell March 6, 2019
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is when you have a lotta money and want to flaunt of it
man i just feel like pablo today
by slxm November 30, 2016
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NOUN: A supposed vampiric leader born in the late 17th century. This high-class, all-evil woman speared men with her spears that she obtained from fellow temptresses Elize and Amara. A fairly tempermental lass, she resides today in the world...somewhere...

1a.To have the most rad personality in the world.

2a.To be the biggest loser known to man.
1b.MY GOD, you're so El Diablo no Franchesco le Pablo I can't believe it!

2b.I'll be darned if my mum isn't the biggest El Diablo no Franchesco le Pablo.
by Han Djob July 8, 2005
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