Very toxic people who think fortnite is for kids which is true
PUBG players are bad at fortnite
PUBG players can’t get a kill in fortnite
by Nikrtguyutiyih January 07, 2019
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stupid shit that probably hates on fortnite. sucks at all games and is probably toxic.
"Oh he's a pubg player, we shouldn't talk to him"
by PregnantLana February 17, 2018
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££: Hey why do you think Fortnite is bad?
÷÷: Ugh... it is so unrealistic...

££: Its overrating is kind of annoying but come on I'm not willing to take a NASA supercomputer to run PUBG...

÷÷: Your computer sucks then,
££: A game doesn't have to realistic to be good I don't understand a PUBG player
by November 05, 2018
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Specifically, if your IGN is PewPaɴda, you're literally garbage and you'll never reach ace.
Guy 1: PewPaɴda is the worst PUBG Player I've ever seen
Guy 2: Same.
by OhMyGodThisWasTaken April 30, 2021
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