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Although I my profile states what kind of guy I am hoping to meet; the PTDM= PATHETICLY TERMINALLY DUMB MEN only read "blah OH BABY , blah, YES YES YES, blah blah"......
by mia.dancer March 12, 2009
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PTDM stands for "person that doesn't matter" (the plural, PDTMs, stands for "people that don't matter"). The acronmyn is one typically employed by young persons (that is, people under the age of 18, especially high school students). Nevertheless, "PTDMs" may be used by people of any age to refer to someone anyone who is generally lame, boring, or judgemental.
Who's going to the reception tonight? Damn, just a fuckin' bunch on PTDMs.
by billymorgan August 28, 2007
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