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Profact’ is short for ‘propaganda-fact,’ a false statement usually presented by a mass media outlet as being a fact, to deceive and condition, trick, and manipulate audiences. Profacts are weaved in between facts, and are almost omnipresent.
Surprisingly, a Macintosh computer’s dictionary’s definition of the word ‘illusion’ stated the following: "The illusion of family togetherness", as an example of that word (2010). That definition is one example of the many ‘profacts’ which permeate society.
Though that definition appears innocuous, in reality it indirectly tells readers that "family togetherness" is an illusion—an anomaly, something rare. Though in reality, "family togetherness" is basic to a healthy family life.

Presenting "the illusion of family togetherness" as an example of the word "illusion" is malicious because it attacks the family by distorting reality, and sets an example and acts as a role model for primarily young people—because they have not lived long enough to spot a lie. Moreover, reading that malicious definition could even begin to dehumanize anyone who believes that false statement.
by Spot Tricks December 18, 2017
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