PR Work translates to Pound and Release Work. It is performed by the police when they contact a citizen that they know committed a crime but they do not have the evidence to convict or they feel the process of arrest and report writing would take too much time/effort. Instead a metered dose of physical punishment is administered in hopes that the individual will make a connection between their offense and the consequences which would dissuade them from acting poorly in the future. Unfortunately it can be viewed as police brutality, especially when it is not warranted and the cop is only doing it because he is frustrated that his coffee had gotten cold or his hot new female partner has denied his sexual advances.
Johnny Cop Stash: "Hey Reed, did you see that kid steal that lady's purse?"
Reed: "Ya, but the puke won't even get a slap on the wrist for that"
Johnny Cop Stash: "Your probably right Reed. Pull over, I will make contact with the little bastard and engage in some PR work.
by Grendel177 April 21, 2017
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