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Its an acronym for the term "party party party let's all get wasted." It's all the rage these days with the teenagers and their reckless behavior.
A:So, PPPLAGW this weekend?
B:Straight up, fool.
by Party-er December 15, 2010
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"Part party party, let's all get wasted."
Can also mean "Pretty pretty princess, let's all grow weed."

Just depends on your mood, I guess...

PPPLAGW must consist of 6 bamfs.

The Ten Commandments of PPPLAGW:
1. you must be cool
2. you must not be with child
3. you must know how to fuck bitches and get money
4. you must be a downright thug
5. you must be able to act sober, even when your shit faced (only around adults)
6. you must NOT be a wannabe emo
7. you must know lauren's fetal alcohol syndrome theory
8. you must speak to no one about PPPLAGW (their inferior minds can't handle it)
9. you NEVER call the person after you hook up
10. you must worship hardcore rap

basically, you've gotta be a gangstaaaar.
Tony: God, Jack is such a bamf!
Fred: Yeah dude, I know. He's part of PPPLAGW.
Tony: Figures.
by KFS1215 December 14, 2010
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