someone who labels themselve as something they arent..
tries to be wat he or shit thinks is cool or in style..
uses all the stereotypes for wat they'd like to be and say theyre skater,metalhead,goth,punk, etc
sammy:metalheads are suppose to wear all black and thats why i wear all black.
jesse:youre fucking dumb clother wont make you a metalhead.
sammy:wat will then??
jesse:you have to listen to the music and actually like it.
sammy:does green day count?
jesse:hit POZER in the head with skateboard
by ISK8ANDHEADBANG April 27, 2008
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Suhkarsh Singh is a pozer
by Kai docherty November 11, 2020
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A dad who never is around specifically a boy who has had a child and has not yet become a man and is chasing paper instead of guiding the next generation of the Family in truth. More specifically a boy who's father was never around and yet still chooses to not be in their children's life. Truefully a boy who has not yet understood the unconditional love of a Father.
Damn! That dude is such a Pozer dad.
by Be-got-ten August 15, 2019
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