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The notorious Night Elf hero who is named the Priestess of the Moon. A woman who rides a giant pussycat.
I just slept POTM while she was casting Starfall. w00t!
by Graham May 24, 2003
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Abbrieviation of "Priestess of The Moon".
A Night Elf hero character famous for the skill, Starfall.
In melee and DotA alike POTM fucks with opposing teams when played and built correctly.
Duc Huy: "Fuck, Slice can really play POTM good. His arrows and Starfall totally fuck with my Abaddon's shield."
by Don(nie) March 08, 2009
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The hero that can change a game from a loss to a win.
Just owned 3 armies with a starfall...
by guru_fu September 07, 2003
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poop of the month. a monthy poop in which all intestines and food is completely cleared from your tract.

the runs.
dude, p.o.t.m last night, i lost like 5 pounds.
by 4fg5d46fgs September 01, 2011
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