Potential New Member--used in the greek community as the "politically correct" term to refer to an intended future pledge when one's university does not sanction offering bids to freshmen before the designated rush period.
Bro1: "Hey, so what do you think of our PNMs?"
Bro2: "They're all pretty legit(imate), except for that creeper douche we blackballed last week. Good thing he's gone. I guess he's not really a PNM anymore, no?"
by dgj255 November 17, 2010
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Porch Night Matawa. A founding member of PN who, after 4 years, still is unsure of what time PN takes place.
EMM: Hey MO, did PNM ask you what time PN is again?
MO: Yeah, wtf? Every week same time and every week same question.
by emminksa May 26, 2007
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A gathering of amateur polititions
Great is the PNM
by Lilseizures November 22, 2021
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