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Forum at U2 fansite dedicated to the members of U2 and their manager. The acronym stems from the first letter of the first names of Paul McGuinness, Larry Mullen Jr, The Edge, Bono, and Adam Clayton. The forum is used primarily by female fans to post and admire pictures of the band. Posting members (or "posters") at the forum refer to themselves as PLEBAns.

Many other members of the online U2 community consider the regular posters at PLEBA to be shallow fans who are more concerned about U2's appearance than the music. Some would go as far as considering the PLEBA community an embarrassment to U2 fans as a whole. PLEBAns themselves would angrily dispute this and assert their habits are an expression of their fondness not just for the band's music but also for the individuals comprising the band as well, though it is true that much of this 'fondness' is expressed in lustful and sexual ways. Although material is now held to a standard of decency and not as explicit as it once was, many PLEBA girls unashamedly speak of their fantasies and sexual desires relating to the band. Critics of PLEBA are often alarmed by the fact some of these girls are not even half the age of the members of U2.

The band themselves are apparently aware of the existene of this forum. When questioned, Bono described them as "scary girl", and whle the PLEBAns are proud of this, it is doubtful whether or not they should be. It is speculated by some that the girls are so excited by the fact Bono is aware of their community that they are blind to the disapproving overtones of his comment.
While most women prefer real physical contact in order to be satisfied, all women at PLEBA need are pictures of the band to fulfill their sexual fantasies.
by pleban4life February 08, 2006
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