A guy who never forgot about Battle Royale and made a good game that's only less popular because of the glitches.
"Playerunknown is going to be on top again if he FUCKING REGION LOCKS CHINA LIKE WE'VE BEEN TELLING HIM TO."
by Latke Boi April 25, 2018
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A game where people who play are solely hunchbacks. This disease is often transmitted by long hours of sitting in front of a computer and breaking their backs by hunching over their screen.
Mom: Hey you should really stop hunching over your screen.

Hunchback: I can't i'm playing PlayerUnknown's Hunchgrounds!
by rarxd March 26, 2018
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The guy who is the star of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (obviously) and started the new trend of Battle Royale. Epic Games followed his lead. They couldn't do something original.
When playing PUBG, I saw someone dressed as PLAYERUNKNOWN. They died, so it couldn't possibly be a real one.
by Fortnite vs. PUBG January 3, 2019
A battle royale game where 100 people fight for their survival as an electric field closes in.
-Have you tried playerunknowns battlegrounds yet?

-Yeah dude it's awesome!
by CorgoInACup October 7, 2017
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