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Person 1: The Alley is serving some shitty lunch item for breakfast with their razor bacon. Where should we go?

Person 2: Big Table has red velvet pancakes...

Person 1: PFTW!!!
by str3tch October 26, 2011
Happy St. Patties Day!
When one is in a dangerous, deadly, or douche-bag induced situation and feels the absolute need to telePort-For-The-Win (PFTW).

1. Port-For-The-Win
2. Porting-For-The-Win
3. Ported-For-The-Win
4. Ports-For-The-Win
Oliver: "This party is lame has been lame for awhile.. and is going to continue to be lame."
Miles: "PFTW"

Oliver: "Damn dude.. this 9 was all over me there other night at the club, yet her friend the 4 I was telling you about, was completely & totally cock blocking me"
Miles: "Shoulda' PFTW man.."

Sub-Zero had minimal life left, yet was still kicking my face in. Lucky for me, I was Scorpion & PFTW on his iceyness.
by MilesDuh21 May 29, 2011
Happy St. Patties Day!