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Acronym for "Pat from Saturday Night Live" for when you and your friends cannot tell if some other person walking by is actually male or female. A "PFSNL" is a completely androgynous person.
While I was at work in the mall we had this androgynous customer walk by and my two co-workers were both watching the customer trying to determine if this person was male or female. The person was wearing women's jeans, flats shoes, a blouse that was too tight, what looked like either a bad bowl haircut or a wig with short hair sticking out from underneath in the back, huge pink sunglasses, and a brown leather purse, and was pushing a stroller. We weren't busy as it was a really slow day so as the customer wandered over into the next department. I followed him/her/it trying to get a better look and I was pretending to straighten up merchandise on the shelves so as not to be noticed staring at the customer. I saw that the person had a little belly fat and a smallish ass but still big enough to possibly be female. The person also had small but very pointy breasts which was also indeterminate. Fearing getting in trouble for stalking the customer I walked back to my department and then my two co-workers both of which know that I am gay and a drag queen ( so I can usually tell) asked my opinion of whether the customer was male or female. I said, "I am going to have to call PFSNL on that one". I went on to explain that I could not tell.
by czechmate66 October 31, 2009
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