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Pfizer employee who just got canned. In addition to losing all dignity, it is learned that scores of many other people knew about it months before the terminated person. These people avoid the person losing the job as if the terminated person had plague or leprosy; hence, the invocation of "leper."The employee losing their job also loses their office, support, email, benefits, etc. And to a large degree spirit and health.

Though originating at Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world, the term "PFLEPER" (pronounced F-LEPER) may be used for any terminated employee anywhere.

Pfizer puts a "P" before many words beginning with "F:" eg., Pfun, Pfinance, Pfamily, etc. And prefixes a "PF" on just about any other word it uses. Cute that way.
Have you heard about David? They're letting him know on Friday he's out. I think he may know. He even looks like a PFLEPER (pronounced F-LEPER).
Even the Zoloft} and Viagra don't seem to be helping.

He's really Pfucked.
by Wyeth October 01, 2009
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Pfizer employee who is notified he/she is losing their job and is given 60 days or so to get out--during which time their office is cleaned out, support services and admin staff discontinued and there is TOTAL avoidance by all other employees--as if they'd catch the disease!

Pfizer always puts a P before f-words: eg, Pfun, Pfuture, Pfinance, etc. Or a PF before any other word it likes. Cute that way.

"PFLEPER," though originating at Pfizer, can also be applied to any fired employee anywhere.
Have you heard about David? He's really down. Everyone's treating him like a real PFLEPER (pronounced F-leper).
And the Zoloft and Viagra don't seem to be helping.
by wyeth October 01, 2009
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