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A more polite version of RTFM.

Keyboard and

In other words, the user is an idiot.
Caller "My computer is broken"
Helpdesk "What seems to be the issue?"
Caller "It doesn't work"
Helpdesk "Could you be more specific"
Caller "I've tried everything and it won't let me in"
Helpdesk "I think there's a PBKC. Have you tried turning it off and on?"
by evel_knievel December 19, 2008
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Problem Between Keyboard and Chair (Problem Between Keyboard & Chair).

Used to describe the source of an (computer) error. P.B.K.C or PBKC means the eror is a human or operator error and not a hardware or software error.

PBKC is an alternative version of the definition RTFM.
The user who called the help desk thought that the system was down, but it was just a p.b.k.c error.
by Juan Whaimai February 01, 2007
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