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Acronym meaning "Pop Bottles Fuck Models"
PBFM is a club. In order to join, you have to have gotten head from a certain amount of girls. To get the girls, they do a dance called, "getting lite." This club goes around to parties and when they arrive, everyone leaves. If they don't get invited to a party, or the host doesn't let them in, they cry. Most of the time, their schedule is too packed with parties to do anything else, and they let everyone know by posting it on Facebook.
Party Host #1: Yo, last night I didn't let PBFM into my party and they all cried.
Party Host #2: THey want to come to my party tonight, but I don't want everyone else to leave.
by ZanderPbfm April 11, 2009
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a support group for gay young men in new york city, particularly brooklyn.
new PBFM member:I just joined PBFM!
non-member:I am so happy for you! You're here, you're queer, I'm used to you!
new PBFM member:I'm so happy you get me!
non-member:I'll always love you no matter what.
by pbfmlover09 April 15, 2009
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A group of repressed gay teenagers who seek acceptance among others. Some members choose to pierce their tongues and claim that it is "no homo," when it is in fact, very "homo." Members of PBFM perform an odd mating ritual known as "getting lite," which resembles epileptic seizures. When they're not FMing in the AM, they're avoiding their tests for sexually transmitted diseases.
Girl 1: Yo, PBFM is so homo
Girl 2: No! They have their tongue piercings, they're not homo!
by fmintheam April 16, 2009
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Pop Bottles Fuck Models:
A group of teenagers who know how to have a good time. In order to join all you gotta do is know how to have a good time, and not be boring as fuck. In order to join nobody has to suck nothing , but joining PBFM does often lead to much "HEAD" by the amazing amount of haters in NY.Allot of people that love to hate on the group either like to ponder about how much they wish they were in fact in PBFM or are just not welcome to be in it. PBFM organizes its weekends usually by planning events such as parties, and days to just chill and relax..."NONE LIKE US, SO NONE LIKE US"-PBFM
Yo you heard about that PBFM arty!!
PB!! FM!!
PBFM held that shit down man
FM in the AM

by Ent223 April 13, 2009
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A bunch of girls and boys who stay LIVE and party all day every day. They get mad head from the seniors at BFS cause they broke as fuck and they kicked out of PBFM parties. And if they do come they pay extra and bring alcohol then get kicked out 15 minutes later. PBFM is the way to go. GOONIES b_-
senior:PBFM IS LIVE!
by Zandra715 April 20, 2009
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