The acronym P.A.M.O stands for Pump and Move On. It is used to describe women that one would only interact with sexually and not romantically.
"It was a one night stand. She was a P.A.M.O."
by The Curator September 11, 2021
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This is an abbreviation of Pussy Ass Mother Fuckers - I have encountered alot of people recently who are chicken/ too scared about trivial aspects of their life and don't stand up for themselves... so I think this should be a word to epitimise moaners, and people who back out of casual dares
"Hey man!!! I slept for 8 hours dude and I am still tired"
"Wat u saying u P.A.M.O - thats enough sleep"
by Indian Devil March 15, 2010
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An acronym, used as a verb or as an adjective, that stands for the following:



Typically used to refer to women one would only have sexual intercourse and not develop a romantic attraction for.
"We had a one night stand. She was a P.A.M.O. Sufice it to say, I won't be seeing her again."
by The Curator September 15, 2021
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