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The word teenage girls use to describe pictures posted on facebook by other teenage girls who have just learned to use their camera for something besides taking naked pictures of themselves in the mirror.
Girl #1 posts pictures of awkwardly contorted feet clad in converse backdropped by an overly desaturated sunset
Girls #2-5: Oooh, you're so artsy!
by The Curator October 30, 2011

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The little clumps of shit that gather in the hair by your asshole when you dont wipe it properly
You should check for grundleberries every now and then
by The Curator January 16, 2006

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When you reach a level of comfy you didn't even think was possible. Usually after a hard day of work, or just a day of doing nothing - you just say "fuggit" and do whatever you want.
Sheila: "What'd you do last night"
Hue: "Yeah I was gonna work on this paper but then I got Maximum Comfy"
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by The Curator December 28, 2020

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