Stands for "Penis needs stroking". Considered to be the male version of PMS. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to: Tension, irritability, anxiety or depression, trouble sleeping, headache, appetite changes or food cravings. Most common in married men over 30.
-What's with James? Seems like if he's not sleeping, he's heading to the buffet for crab legs. And didn't he punch a hole through his flatscreen the other day??? -His wife won't put out, man. He's suffering from some serious PNS.
by DjCantDance November 09, 2010
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Post Nap Syndrome
That awful feeling you get when you wake up from a nap.
Man, I feel like shit after my nap, P.N.S. sucks!
by iluvechuck September 18, 2010
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Pre-Nicotine Syndrome. Describes the bitchy, cranky, irritable mindstate prior to having the day's first cigarette.
Why don't you go have a smoke instead of acting like a P.N.S.ing bitch?
by richie138 June 29, 2009
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An acronym for Penis Needs Sucking, a term used to describe a male's monthly mood swings.
John's been so bitchy lately. It must be P.N.S.
by jlocat November 12, 2009
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Jay: Luke, you have a little too much PNS going on today!
Luke: Aw, man... I really need to do pushups to get rid of these bitch tits.
Jay: Lets go look at porn.
by JaimeTheRuler August 25, 2005
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