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A British-Nigerian girl who is usually dark and either wears contacts or glasses. They are usually quiet and the month of their birthday starts with an A, J or D. They appear gentle in class but in real life they are CRAZY and they especially act that way at home. They have hidden figures but they don't show it. They are very pretty. They are also really smart and have infectious laughs. They don't get angry easily, but people don't take advantage of it. If you have an Oyinkan as your friend, you're lucky! They are mainly complimented on their: 1. Figure 2. Smartness 3.Niceness 4. Prettiness. Their main nickname is Oyinx, or Oyin
Girl: Did you see that dark pretty girl today
Boy: Yeah, I think her name is Oyinkan
by Pertyprincess5 April 22, 2013
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